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  • What programming language should I use for this? (Part 1)

    Introduction If you’re reading this, you’re probably looking for an answer for the question above. Programming languages have different use cases, and some languages are better fits for certain things than others. I’m going to go over programming languages I’ve used for each type of project, and tell you the advantages and disadvantages. Web development […]

  • Batocera Setup Guide

    Batocera is an amazing operating system based on Linux, and it is interesting to play around with. Batocera can be set up in three steps. You need to download the disc image, flash it to a USB drive, and plug it into a computer. You have Batocera, but how do you use it? First, you […]

  • PC game stores, why?

    TL;DR: Money and anti-piracy Why do PC game stores exist? That’s simple. Back when PC game stores were just starting, you could buy physical copies and digital copies of certain games, and some games were only available physically. It was rare at the time to find a digital only game, like most PC games you […]

  • Programming: Why everyone should learn it

    Programming is a complex topic, but it can be useful to learn, since it can help you in many ways. Here’s a few reasons why: It can help you with math It isn’t really cheating if you wrote the program! If your teacher says otherwise, make sure you include something in your program that makes […]

  • What games do I play, and how?

    What platforms do I use? The following is a list of the platforms I use: What games do I run on PC? Steam I run the majority of my games on Steam. Here is a list of the games I play on Steam, sorted by playtime: GOG I run some older games through GOG. The […]

  • Stadia: The shutdown, and what I’m doing

    Stadia is a service that I have used for the past while, with it being the only way I played Destiny 2 for a while, and where I purchased Rayman Legends. Here, I’m going to talk about its shutdown and what I’m doing to replace it. The hardware that I’m going to replacing Stadia with […]

  • What is DGTNT Studios?

    Hi, I’m David from DGTNT Studios! I’m the President and CEO of DGTNT Studios, and DGTNT Studios doesn’t really have a blog, so I’m putting it here on my personal blog. DGTNT Studios isn’t really incorporated yet, and I don’t have an income from it yet, but I’m currently working on growing the channels to […]

  • What is DavidDGTNT’s House?

    Welcome to DavidDGTNT’s House! This is my blog and WordPress site that I use for anything that I need WordPress for. WordPress is very interesting to me, and I like to use it, even though I like coding my main pages. This site is hosted from my home on a Raspberry Pi, even though I […]