Stadia: The shutdown, and what I’m doing


Stadia is a service that I have used for the past while, with it being the only way I played Destiny 2 for a while, and where I purchased Rayman Legends. Here, I’m going to talk about its shutdown and what I’m doing to replace it.

The hardware that I’m going to replacing Stadia with is my Xbox. I got it for my birthday in 2017, and have used it since. It’s getting old, but at least I can rest assured that my current games will all work if I upgrade. Destiny 2 was a game I was worried about, since I don’t have the hardware in my PC to be able to play it. It’s a large game, so I had to delete some things, but I have room for some future purchases with it installed still, so I’m not worried anymore. The other thing I was worried about is multiplayer. Xbox released this blog post in April of last year that I wasn’t aware of, but that is what made me decide on it. I will be repurchasing Rayman Legends on my Xbox, since I enjoy the game and I have only gotten a couple levels into the game. Crayta is available on Facebook Gaming now, so I will use that, and Super Animal Royale is free on Steam, and I’ve played it on there longer than I have on Stadia. The rest of the games I don’t really play, so I won’t worry about it.

What I’m worried about is the people that use Stadia controllers. I’m hoping that they get an update to enable Bluetooth so they can still use them for other things without using USB, but at least they will still work until Stadia shuts down.

It’s really sad to see a major cloud game streaming platform shut down for me, even though I enjoy owning my games physically. Stadia was a pioneer in the almost instant starting of games, unlike GeForce Now before it, where you had (and still have to) wait for a rig, then wait for the game to start, unlike Stadia, which will just start your game right away. It benefited from using GCP for its servers and having high reign over it, and it will be missed by many, and if not many, at least me. Thanks for listening to my TED Talk.







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