What is DGTNT Studios?

Hi, I’m David from DGTNT Studios! I’m the President and CEO of DGTNT Studios, and DGTNT Studios doesn’t really have a blog, so I’m putting it here on my personal blog. DGTNT Studios isn’t really incorporated yet, and I don’t have an income from it yet, but I’m currently working on growing the channels to earn an income for me and our other employees. I run three channels myself, DavidDGTNT, David and Evan, and Slush and Friends. I’m launching two channels for my friends, Evan and Lyla, soon, so stay tuned for those.

DGTNT Studios is a group of independent channels that have one editor, me. We may have multiple editors in the future, and Evan may edit some of his own videos, but I am the main editor for all of the channels. I provide services for all the members of DGTNT Studios, such as business emails, website hosting, website creation, editing, IT, technical support for all of the applications we use, and help signing up for new channels.

There are currently three staff of DGTNT Studios. The following list shows each staff member and their responsibilities:

  • David – President and CEO, leads DavidDGTNT, co-leads David and Evan and Slush and Friends
  • Evan – Vice President, will soon lead his own channel, co-leads David and Evan
  • Lyla – will soon lead her own channel, co-leads Slush and Friends

If you need to contact us, please email contact@dgtntstudios.tk to get in touch. Each channel also has its own email that you can find under contact email on each channels website and channel page.

Thank you for reading this article. If you wish to learn about my personal blog, please read the blog post “What is DavidDGTNT’s House?






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