What is DavidDGTNT’s House?

Welcome to DavidDGTNT’s House! This is my blog and WordPress site that I use for anything that I need WordPress for. WordPress is very interesting to me, and I like to use it, even though I like coding my main pages.

This site is hosted from my home on a Raspberry Pi, even though I am planning to move it completely over to one of my other servers to speed up performance and free up my Pi to use for other purposes.

The type of blog posts I will write here are covered in the following list:

  • Gaming news
  • Technology stuff that I am messing with at the moment
  • Me really wanting a Steam Deck
  • Me messing with my Linux machine and having to solve problems, and sharing my solutions
  • Anything that I want to talk about, but don’t think I can make a full video about on my channel

I have another website at daviddgtnt.github.io that I coded myself and use as my main site, however, it doesn’t really get updated often, and is really just links to this site and the DGTNT Studios site (I’ll explain DGTNT Studios in a future post) and an about page.

Thanks for reading about what this blog is about, and I hope that I can continue working on it for years to come.






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